Braile Biomédica

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Being sustainable is to be responsible for generations to come. Braile Biomédica performs actions in this regard. Recycling of industrial wastes, water treatment, the use of natural resources for energy efficiency and, above all, the dissemination of information as a means of educating the community are some studies performed with great pride by Braile Biomédica. So we are on track of sustainable development, fair and honest to the planet.

Recycling: Braile Biomédica has a Waste Management Plan registered in CETESB. Through this plan, the waste produced is secreted with the involvement of all employees and sold for recycling. The result of the sale of waste is converted into benefits for employees, with actions to encourage sports, parties and gatherings, courses, lectures, participation in fairs, etc.

Water: We all know the importance of water for species?s life and that treated water (drinking) is essential to our health and wellness.
But in Braile Biomédica we go much further. All water used in the products? manufacture is treated in a special way. The water used in testing and cleaning products and equipment undergoes a reverse osmosis system to purify it, according to international quality standards. The reverse osmosis is a purification process, performed by special membranes that remove all physicochemical and microbiological water impurities, providing it the quality demanded by the United States Pharmacopoeia.

This water is continuously monitored and analyzed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure its purity, essential to our products be free of chemical contaminants, microorganisms and pyrogens, even before the sterilization.

Environment Preservation: Braile Biomédica develops programs aimed at protecting the environment such as solid waste management, recycling programs, industrial wastewater treatment, exhaust emission control and rational use of water and energy, among other prevention measures.