Braile Biomédica

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Braile and the employee

Integration of new employee: any person hired goes through a day of integration before starting work. The employee receives the main information about the company and work, and know the Employee Handbook, Quality Policy, Social Responsibility, ?Biotur? (visit to the sectors), Occupational Safety and Hygiene. After this integration, the new employee goes to his work field, and will receive technical training in order to start his activities.

Annual Training Plan: At Braile Biomédica there is the PAT - Annual Training Plan, prepared by the Department of Human Resources through the LNT - Training Needs Survey, completed by supervisors and managers. With this plan, the internal and external training are scheduled, performed and recorded throughout the year for training and development of our employees. This involves training courses, group dynamics, lectures, fairs, congresses and all that can offer new skills and knowledge.

Internal recruitment: the Internal Recruitment is part of the Recruitment and Selection Policy of the company for vacancies that arise in order to promote professional growth within the company and value our employees.

Aid and Benefits: Employees of Braile Biomédica have Health Insurance fully paid by the company, Transportation Vouchers, Breakfast, Meal, Dental Plan, Agreement with Pharmacies, Medical Care and Physiotherapy, Labor Gymnastics, Legal and Psycological Counselling, Social Worker, Reading Room, Loans, Multimixture food supplement, Support for Sports, Recreation Center, SMART program (System of Improvement and Income Increase), Corporate Citizenship (6 months of maternity leave) and decorated basket with toiletries for collaborators? babies.

Safety at Work: SESMT Service - Specializing Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine consists of the following professionals: Occupational Safety Engineer, Occupational Physician, Occupational Safety Technicians and Physiotherapist. They have the functions of protecting the health and physical integrity of employees, guide and enforce the Rules of Work Safety, determining the type and use of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. The SESMT, along with CIPA - Internal Commission for Accident Prevention, promotes campaigns, lectures, training and meetings aimed at preventing work accidents and occupational diseases.
The Fire Brigade is composed of employees subordinate to SESMT who are trained and prepared to act quickly and efficiently on the principles of fire and accidents.

Braile and the Community

Força Jovem Project: The company receives young learners who have the opportunity to meet various activities of the administrative sectors, receiving support from the advisor of each sector, with the possibility of hiring at the end of the contract.

Visits of Schools and Colleges at Braile: The company is open to living in the community. So, constantly receives visits from schools and universities interested in knowing our work environment, as a practical example of content taught in classrooms.

Volunteer Group: Braile Biomédica has a group of 150 volunteers who participate in actions by donating their time, attention, love and skills. The company has annual calendar of social activities aimed at its domestic audience and the community. These actions involve visits to nursing homes and nurseries, Citizenship Caravan, Day of Beauty in Nossa Senhora das Graças Hospital, Warm Clothing Campaign, collecting toys for Children's Day and Christmas campaign "Adopt a Child", Best Age Day, among others.