Braile Biomédica

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Braile Biomédica's Mission
Braile is a Brazilian company, committed to providing high technology solutions for the cardiovascular, oncology and nephrology areas, allowing them to be accessible to the general population and generate value for Shareholders, Employees and Community.

2015 Vision
Being the best high-tech solution for the treatment of patients in its practice field, accessible to all sections of the population, under a great working environment, to ensure sustainable growth and financial strength.

Customers: Customers are the raison d'être of Braile. The commitment of all who make the company is to understand and meet customer needs through safe and effective solutions in an environment of trust and respect.

Employees: Employees are key to the success of Braile. The commitment and high performance are recognized and valued. All are treated with dignity, justice, equal opportunities for learning, growth and success.

Integrity: Laws, principles and morals and company policies are strictly met, placing the collective interests above personal interests.

Results: Commitment to high performance in favor of the customer and value creation guide the company. Management aimed to serve customers, generating profitability and ensuring growth and continuity of the company.

Excellence: Dedication of all employees in constant pursuit of innovation and excellence, doing it right the first time.

Accomplishment: Ability to make it happen. Sense of urgency. All employees are committed to their word, with the quick response, and with the full accomplishment of the targets and goals set.

Sustainable Development: The role of Braile is characterized by actions that promote life, to ensure the balance between the economic profit, the exercise of citizenship, the preservation of nature and respect for the environment.

Quality Policy
Braile Biomédica defines its quality policy:
> Develop and produce prostheses and medical equipment seeking to achieve the quality required by customers.
> Develop the internal employees of Braile Biomedica.
> Working in partnership with our suppliers.
> Comply with the requirements of our activities and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
> Meeting the needs of our customers by providing products with high quality, with a commitment to preserve life.