Braile Biomédica

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The company was founded in 1977 by cardiovascular surgeon Full Professor Domingo Braile, precursor and creator in Brazil of bovine pericardium biological heart valves. Located in São José do Rio Preto, interior of São Paulo, the company has the status of research and promotion of national technology, and is a reference center of medical technology in Brazil. Braile Biomédica was born from the dream of Full Professor Domingo Braile?s family to facilitate cardiac surgery for all Brazilian patients with the manufacturing of national products. Today, Braile Biomédica is an advanced pole manufacturer of medical and surgical hospitals.
Under Braile Biomédica?s trademark, there are also Braile Endovascular and Braile Oncology, fruits of the added technology applied to other areas of Medicine.

100% National
Unique in the segment with 100% Brazilian technology, it develops over 400 products in the Cardiovascular, Electromechanical, Biological & Solutions and Endovascular divisions. The areas of manufacturing, research and administrative are located on Avenida Juscelino K. de Oliveira, 1505, Jardim Tarraf I. The company has another facility, located in the industrial district of São José do Rio Preto, where the Documentation Control, Warehousing and Shipping operate.
Around 10% of Braile Biomédica production are destined for export, consisting of customers in over 30 countries. Braile Biomédica has 400 employees and generates hundreds of indirect jobs throughout the country and abroad.

The average length of education of Braile Biomédica?s professional staff is 12.5 years, above the United States, which is 12.4 years, above
Argentina, where the average length of education is 8 years, and well above the national average, which is 4.5 years of education by a citizen. Of the 400 company employees, more than 40% have a higher level. The company far exceeds the goal of training established within the procedure ?skills? of IS0, which is 12 hours/year per employee.

Experimental Campus
Braile Biomédica has an advanced scientific research center, formed by the Experimental Surgical Center ?Full Professor E. J. Zerbini? and the Testing Laboratory ?Dr. Lino Braile and Dr. Ítalo Braile". There is also the Research and Publications Department (DPP), which develops scientific studies of the company and partners linked to it, as institutions of higher education and advanced research.